About US


Our team of highly skilled professionals brings together expertise from various industries, allowing us to deliver tailored strategies and cutting-edge innovative solutions that drive growth and success to our clients. From concept to completion, we are there every step of the way, providing personalized attention and delivering outstanding results

01. Innovation

At Stellarco, we harness the power of creative solutions to bring visionary ideas to life, ensuring our clients are always a step ahead in their respective industries.

02. integrity

Every project we undertake is grounded in unwavering integrity, ensuring transparent and honest partnerships that foster trust and mutual respect with our clients.

03. Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every facet of our work; from the initial consultation to the completion of a project, we relentlessly pursue unparalleled quality and results that exceed expectations.

Our Vision

Empowering a World of Exceptional Construction: Building Dreams, Shaping Futures

At Stellarco, we envision construction projects that meet the needs of today and paves the way for future generations. As a pioneering consulting company, our vision is centered around the core belief that every project is an opportunity to create lasting impact and bring aspirations to life.

We are dedicated to building dreams, realizing the visions of our clients, and shaping the future of



A Team Of Professionals

mustafa hallak



mahdi moussa


International Project Manager

Our Core Values


We believe that the best outcomes are
achieved through collaboration and teamwork. We foster an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages open communication, diverse perspectives, and the exchange of ideas.


Our clients’ success is our success. We are deeply committed to understanding their unique needs and challenges, tailoring solutions that add tangible value, and exceeding their expectations at every turn.


We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and incorporating environmental considerations into our projects. As responsible stewards of the planet, we seek to balance progress with preservation.


We value our team members and empower them to thrive personally and professionally. We foster a culture that encourages growth, earning, and creativity, allowing each individual to reach their full potential.


We recognize the impact of our work on the world and take our responsibility to society and the environment seriously. Through responsible practices, we strive to leave a positive legacy for future generations.


The safety and well-being of our employees, clients, and stakeholders are paramount. We maintain the highest safety standards in all our projects, ensuring a secure working environment for everyone involved.

Implementing Quality Assurance and Quality Control thorough all the phases of the project